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Make the Most of Your Advertising Budget: Advertise on OutbackRiviera.com

Small business owners don't have a lot of money to spare on advertising, marketing and promotional strategies. you need to make the most of your advertising budget. Online advertising is more effective and efficient than traditional advertising. It is proving to be the most powerful and cost-effective tool to drive traffic to your web site. It provides maximum exposure to your products than any other form of advertising.
Reach a Targeted Audience
OutbackRiviera.com targets residents, owners of secondary residences, and year-round visitors to the French Riviera inland region. The website features useful information on the inland villages, an up-to-date event calendar, a selection of holiday rentals, and help with organizing activities and workshops in advance. Request ad placement on specific pages including workshops, tours, visits, or villages:
- The Alpes-Maritimes: Auribeau sur Siagne, Pégomas, La Roquette sur Siagne, Peymeinade, Speracede, Cabris, Le Tignet, Saint Cézaire, St Vallier,
- The Alpes-Maritime Valleys: The Roya-Bevera Valley, The Tinée Valley, The Var Valley, The Vesubie Valley
- The Var: Callian, Fayence, Montauroux, Mons, Tanneron). And the Three Valleys: 

Drive Traffic to your Website
You can achieve more exposure for your company and your website through online advertising. Active links increase traffic to your web site, and help you compete with local businesses.Through our classified ads, or display ads inking to your website or email, our readers can visit your website or contact you by e-mail, telephone or by snail mail.

No Website, but a limited budget...
 We can create a full- splash page for your company with 5-6 images, your company logo, two-three paragraphs describing your company's service or workshop, or accommodation, with a link to your email and advertisement on our website.

OutbackNews Monthly Newsletter
Advertise your product or company on our monthly newsletter, and news about you and your company reaches your target. OutbackNews is circulated to a list of subscribers who reside, own, have visited, or intend to visit the region.

Rotating Banner Ad:
Size: 200 px wide x 150 px high
Splash Page: 100€ per year (hosted on our server)

Ad Placement on one page of website, relevant to your business: 60€ per year (12 months)
Insertion in one issue of Outback Newsletter targeted email: 50€

- April 15: Spring Cleaning (residents, villa owners)
- May 1, June 1, July 1, August1: Announcing monthly events and workshops
- September 1: Fall Activities and Workshops
- October 1: Toussaint School Holidays
- November:
- December: Christmas Events, Markets, Activities

Introductory Offer
Place an ad on our website before June 1st,  and you receive a free insertion in one newsletter.

For more information or to place an advertisement, email us: info@outbackriviera.com