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Outback Riviera supports the efforts of The Bodhiraja Foundation.

The foundation offers religious, educational, health and social services to its community through...

Religious Meditation

The Bodhiraja International Meditation Centre situated 1200 feet above sea level, has been built with utmost care to preserve and blend in with the natural beauty of the area. The centre welcomes both beginners and serious practitioners. Guided meditation retreats for groups are conducted under experienced meditation teachers.

Monastic Training

The Bhikkhu Training Centre provides monastic training and education for more than 70 residential monks and 65 non-residential lay students up to GCE 'A' level. Registered with the Ministry of Education in Sri Lanka, the curriculum for the pirivena includes Buddhist texts, social science, history, mathematics,  Sinhalese, Tamil, Pali, Sanskrit, and English. The monks at the Foundation are also orientated towards social work with the monks visiting remote villages to conduct religious works and counselling.

Educational Programmes

The Sri Bodhiraja Foundation’s educational programs range from pre-school to vocational training with the aim of maximizing human potential creating a sense of self-esteem. Education plays an important role in the spiritual, mental and physical development of the individual and the society and nation. Emphasis is placed on the cultivation of strong morals based on the teachings of the Buddha

A joint project with the Ministry for Vocational Training, the centre assists in acquiring technical skills and computer knowledge for employment, and conducts classes for children and adults to keep them abreast with the needs of the modern economy.

Social Services and Health Care

The Visaka Home is a living example of the effort of such compassionate and kind-hearted citizens. The objective is to provide a shelter of  COMPASSION AND CARING to girls that have suffered abuse so that they can lead a stable life. The ultimate aim is to protect and nurture these national assets for the betterment of the mankind.

The Saratchandra Children's Home, founded in 2002, is home to 30 children aged 6 to 15. Some of the children are orphans, while others are abandoned or come from dysfunctional families. The home is managed by the Sri Bodhiraja Foundation and the children are closely connected to the temple.

The Bursary Fund assists children from needy families to continue school by helping them with their study needs such as uniforms, shoes and stationery. To date, more than 300 children have benefited from this fund. The Foundation also has a funeral assistance scheme to help poor families carry out proper funeral rites in their most difficult times.

Expectant Mother Program: Many rural pregnant women face serious problems such as infant fatalities, birth of deformed and handicapped children, malnutrition  and ill heath. Therefore the foundation initiates a Maternity Welfare Service to provide medical facilities health care and nutrition to pregnant women to bring a healthy baby to the world. Tehre are about 4000 pregnant women registered under MOH office in this area. Nutrition information and psychiatric care and counseling are provided by qualified doctors at regular clinics.

Eye Donation: Local volunteers are trained to assist in the Eye Donation services for the Eye Bank and there are about 2100 donors are registered to donate their eyes.

Blood Donation: Annually the foundation hold blood donation camp to fulfil the necessity of blood for the blood bank in Embilipitiya base hospital.

Cattle Release and Sanctuary

The cattle and the cow is the resource owned by the nation. According to "Brahmana Dhammika Sutta" Lord Buddha stated that the man suffers from 98 illnesses due to consumption of meat.

The Cattle saving program promotes the Buddhist virtues of non-killing and compassion for all living beings. Over the years, the Foundation has saved more than 2150 cows from the butcher's knives thanks to the generosity of many animal lovers. The Foundation buys cows from the slaughterhouses and gives them to selected families who pledged to look after them well. The families are forbidden to sell the cows. In return, they get milk and help from the cows in the fields. The Foundation monitors the program by regular visits to the families.

Generally old or ill cattle are also sold for money and are slaughtered for human consumption too. To discourage this practice, the Kovulara Cattle Sanctuary was opened near the Udawalawa Tank and has become a refuge fro sick, old and abandoned cows, where they are looked after by full-time workers and attended to by the local vet. Healthy cows are milked to supplement the maintenance of the sanctuary.

For more information, please visit their facebook page: www.facebook.com/bodhirajaf/ or website: www.bodhirajafoundation.org/

There exist volunteer opportunities with the Bodhiraja Foundation. Contribute your time in exchange for food and lodging during your stay. For more information, please email us.