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Duy Vinh is an island located about 5 kilometres from the town of Hoi An in Central Vietnam. Almost 300 impoverished families live on this island, and 72 children currently attend the elementary school. The families on the island live from a small revenue made mostly from weaving mats, and recently they have less work due to the less expensive machine made mats. They do not have the means to provide a decent education for their children. Public schools are not free and often the parents need their children to help with work. There are few children on the island that are able to continue their schooling beyond elementary school. Most parents cannot afford to purchase a bicycle so their child may travel to school, which can often be located many kilometres from their villages.

How can you help the children of Duy Vinh? Sponsor a child’s education ? The children of Duy Vinh depend on your donations. Your donation of 35€ per year (only 8.75€ after tax deduction*) would enable a child to continue school. Children in this sponsorship program are from 6 to 11 years old. Thanks to your support, the children of Duy Vinh will be able to continue school and build a future.

The Duy Vinh Elementary School is located on a rural island along the banks of the Thu Bon Rivier, about 5 kilometers from the town of Hoi An in Central Vietnam. The school structure consists of 5 classrooms and a computer room. The children from the 300 families on the island are educated here.

Your Donations help:

In 2014 Outback Riviera and Vietnam Bicycle helped The Duy Vinh school purchase Sports through donations.

Many thanks to the Comité de Solidarité de l'école Fenelon for their generous donation. The school of Duy Vinh was able to install computer and multimedia equipment in 2015. They have also helped to set up a program to sponsor several students so that they may continue their education.

Some of the school’s needs:

- Bicycles for the children who live far from the school

- The addition of a second floor to the school as a refuge from yearly flooding

- Sponsorship for the hard working students wishing to continue their secondary education.

- Volunteers! Come to Duy Vinh and volunteer your time teaching English, even if it is for a day or week. If you plan a visit to Hoi An Vietnam, we can arrange for you to volunteer. Please contact us



Outback Riviera is a non-profit association in Saint Cezaire sur Siagne, France
Our activities and workshops are all organised locally for small groups in order to limit the impact on our environment and to help support our communities year round.<

Heaven & Earth Bicycle Tours, « Tourisme Equitable » Our bicycle tours bring visitors to the “Real Vietnam”, off the beaten path and far from the usual tourist attractions. During our excursions, we take our clients through the villages on the island of Duy Vinh. These families are open and welcoming to visitors, yet they live under difficult conditions. To thank them for their hospitality, we help improve their daily life through donations that help the families and their community directly. And, by developing our tours we have been able to create additional activities in the community, such as cooking classes and boat tours, and to establish partnerships that help bring these families regular resources.

Outback Riviera and Heaven & Earth Bicycles are working together to provide support to the Duy Vinh Elementary school and its children. Our project is to offer active support, through sponsorship and donations, to improve the educational opportunities and conditions for the young childen of Duy Vinh.

Donations qualify you to receive a 75% reduction of the donation amount on your taxes in France with a limit of 20% per year of taxable revenue (article 38 de la loi n°2007-1199 du 10 août 2007).You will receive a receipt corresponding to your donation.

We count on your continued support in 2016!

Email us to make a donation