Our recent initiative is in the region of Kasserine, Tunisia. The region of Kasserine, in Western Tunisia was an important crossroads for trade routes and conquests from as early as antiquity. Prosperous during ancient times, this region is rich in archeological sites (over 102 classified sites), testimony to the civilizations that succeeded each other on this land, from Antiquity to the Middle Ages.

Today, the people of this remote region are disadvantaged and marginalized. There is little infrastructure, only two main roads, and many people have no access to electricity. The life expectancy is low, and eight years after the Arab Spring, the youth of Kasserine is still in distress. Young graduates are unable to find employment. It is a region of despair, where its youth sometimes find refuge in drugs and alcohol. With few opportunities open to them, radicalisation becomes attractive and young people can be easily recruited by terrorist groups entrenched in the nearby mountains.

We believe that education is the key to the success of future generations. Our project in Vietnam has proven that with a little help, we can help under-privileged youth continue to university. We feel we can help the children of Kasserine in the same way, so they remain in school and continue their education under the best possible conditions.


Our project in Kasserine encompasses several initiatives:

  1. Collection and distribution of Autumn clothing and purchase of school supplies (currently underway)
  2. Collection and distribution of Winter clothing and shoes , kits de santé, aliments de base (October-November 2019)
  3. Purchase of bicycles for schoolchildren living far from school
  4. Purchase of sports equipment for the school
  5. Student Sponsorship
  6. The development of micro-projects for sustainable entrepreneurship: Sports, Cultural holidays, workshops, home Stays

And, eventually an Educational Exchange between school children in France and Tunisia

Our initial objective is to help the children in Kasserine remain in school and continue their education by providing them with the means to do so, including bicycles to reach school for those far away, warm clothing and shoes for the harsh Winter months, basic school supplies, food for breakfast, sports equipment for the school. Our long-term objective is to encourage entrepreneurship among the already educated youth through the development of several micro-projects. This is a long-term project to be undertaken in steps. We have already begun initial steps of our project with the distribution of school supplies and winter clothing in 2019.



Sustainable entrepreneurship, one of our long-term goals, is becoming  a reality sooner than we imagined.Recently, we were able to purchase a sewing machine for a young tailor from Kasserine enabling him to set up his own workshop. He is on his way to becoming self-sufficient. Our next step is to purchase a second machine within the next few months so he can handle a wider variety of work. 




Slah Mhamdi, notre partenaire en Tunisie

 Slah Mhamdi is our key partner in the field and will coordinate our efforts in Tunisia. Born in Kasserine, he lives in Monastir and currently works in the tourism industry. In his youth, he also faced difficulties in continuing his education. He knows, first-hand the difficulties still faced by families, schoolchildren and youth in Kasserine, where most of his friends and family still live. He would like to see the younger generation of children in Kasserine have a better future. He will play a key role in seeing that our project is a success.




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